Whatsapp stickers update

Hello, guys so WhatsApp have finally launched a new update in which it has given something exciting and unique feature. Whatsapp Stickers update! Yes, its the one which you might have been already used in Hike messenger. The good news is that it applies to both Android and iOS users, both of them can take benefit of this feature.

Whatsapp's new stickers update

Whatsapp is developing itself to next level chat messenger day by day with some new addictive updates. Besides bug fixes and other several updates, it has also been updating features such as emojis, gifs, an end to end encryption, etc. So this time to make this chat messenger more interesting they have induced this new feature called Stickers.

Update for Android or iOS? 

Now you can impress your friends, families, and anyone with this new feature because only a few are aware of it. Expressing your feelings to your girlfriend will be easier now with those cute stickers. The interesting point is that you will be able to use it in all kinds of platforms such as WhatsApp web, mobile- android, iOS, etc. The WhatsApp Inc. has made the official announcement that their team is going to launch this new update coming this Friday. However, we can still have fun with this feature by updating the WhatsApp app to the beta version.

WhatsApp’s team will develop these stickers and after several updates of status, backup update, gifs update, hope that even this update will be great. The stickers are somewhat stickers of facebook chat messenger, but still, it’s a great thing that WhatsApp is more Prevalent then facebook.

To enable this impressive feature user will need to update their respective Whatsapp application to 2.18.329 version (for Android users) and 2.18.100 version (for iOS users). Also, remember that it will be launched all over the world till Friday, but still some users are allowed to use this update by beta version.

How do I send stickers to my WhatsApp buddies? 

  • First of all, you need to join the beta test program for updating your WhatsApp messenger.
  • After you have updated your app go to any chat or contact and open the keyboard for sending a message and in emoji section there, you will find an option of Stickers right after the option of Gifs below the keyboard.
  • As we have seen in the hike app, even here we will need to add some sticker packs, so for that click on “+” icon that will let you download new stickers.
  • That’s it after these all steps you can send your favorite stickers to anyone from emoji section to anyone you wish to convey.

Here are some Whatsapp stickers of some South Indian Actors

Mahesh Babu

Mahesh babu whatsapp stickers

Pawan Kalyan

pawan kalyan whatsapp stickers

Vijay Ilayathalapathy

vijay ilayathalapathy whatsapp stickers


suriya whatsapp stickers


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