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This latest hot news has blown the minds of many social media networks because everyone is aware of Whatsapp’s public influencing power.  According to the reports vice president of WhatsApp Inc. has confirmed this update to be launched soon. This update will slowly roll out in the business field and will bring a new era of profit for many organizations. Let me remind you that there are more than 1 billion users who are frequent users of WhatsApp.

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This topic was already in the minds of the WhatsApp team, but the launch was not sure, but now it has been finalized to be launched soon. Whatsapp knows very well how it would benefit the business by in-app monetization. Reports claim that WhatsApp may bring something new in advertising to attract their users for getting them connected with the companies. However, it will still use the regular native advertisement program on Facebook because WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned company.

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Before the WhatsApp could confirm the launch, there was a lot of provocation pointing out towards the WhatsApp regarding the privacy matter. The opposition claimed that it might weaken the privacy of WhatsApp users, ads program might be able to steal their sensitive data. However, WhatsApp declared that the end to end encryption wouldn’t get affected by this move. However, there was a lot of controversies too between the WhatsApp team; jam and brian ( co-founders of WhatsApp company ) have already resigned their post from the company because they were opposed to this new update of status advertisement through facebook.

Vice President of WhatsApp company says that this new feature will be available soon to the customers and it will be launched in both iOS and Android platform. The accurate date of launch is yet to be fixed by the team, but it will appear soon in the devices. It looks like a step toward huge revenue could succeed, so let’s wait for this new update and hope it will not be overflowed with a lot of ads. Meanwhile check this WhatsApp’s New Stickers Update.


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