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Google fellow Ben smith has recently claimed that google plus will be shutting down due to some exposure of data. It was a glitch (bug) which potentially affected the 5 lakh accounts of google plus users. What was so careless thing that leads to its huge exposure of personal data? Smith said that “Our Indian-American headed companies were not able to confirm that which users have been affected through the glitch”  He also said that they were unaware of the bug!

google plus shut down secrets techsayz

When the data was found to be exposed because vulnerability smith claimed that our reports have found no developer who was aware of that bug priorly.  Also, there was no evidence of data being misused till now. After an analysis bug found and was immediately fixed by the internal team of google company. A few days ago there was the same incident with Facebook, even they couldn’t stop the data exposure, but it was assumed that Facebook was holding up a huge scandal behind it! Facebook user’s personal data was found to be sold over the world. However, google’s team has claimed that there was evidence about Google’s data being misused.

Actually, Due to this small bug, external developers can access the personal user’s data on google plus of 2015-2018. This personal data includes name, gender, address etc basic information of a user. However, it is assumed that Google will shut down the google plus only personal users, not for the enterprises.

We may expect the latest update of this condition’s effect by the google’s event which is going to be held today. Sundar Pichai might reveal some surprising fact about this huge loss or also we can hope for a new social media network that may beat google plus!


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