In this article, we will talk about some fantastic software prototyping and wireframing tools for UI designers. Some of our tools also have mind mapping features in them. So lets with our five best designing tools;

Mock plus

A straightforward tool truly meant for focusing on the design, it’s free for essential purposes and also has a lot of impressive features. Mock plus’s average time to design a wireframe is estimated to be just 5-10 minutes only. It can be accessed on various platforms such as windows, mac, IOS and Android devices too. Low fidelity is the only drawback of this tool, but it uses a very smarter way for designing purposes. Mock plus have integrated the latest feature of using sketch and mock plus together in their version 3.2.Mock plusThe best thing of using mock plus is you don’t need any practice or special knowledge because it has a drag and drops feature. With the help of this tool, anyone take benefit of prototyping. A lot of visualization features are accessible by this tool such as painter, sketch, a lot of components, tons of icons, etc. Manipulations of elements in the layout option have never been a much easier process but with mock plus its possible. However, this tool is free, but you should buy a premium of 29$ for full access.

Fluid UI

This web-based tool will be the best option if you are not able to expense some bucks. Although it has some less expensive plans, you can still take benefit of lifetime free version. With its built-in library feature, you can create your uncover your visualization skills in the project. Some features like high-fidelity wireframe designing and crew collaboration options of fluid UI will never let you down. Fluid UI allows you to manipulate the interactions with some fantastic elements of cloning and adding animations etc.

Fluid UIAlso, you don’t need to worry about privacy while working in a collaborative team because you can lock your stuff to stop the team from making changes in it. Take a look of your prototypes with the reviewer mode also you can opt to live video presentation. Fluid UI has three different premium packs solo, pro, and the team which costs 8$, 19$, 41.56$. Fluid UI will help you to take your prototype to the next level by its streamlined functionality. Also, it provides you a lot of option to present your project or to share it.


This tool gives a new vision to your creativity; it will help you out to develop your prototype workflow. With its complex functions, you might probably get high fidelity in just a few minutes. However, it does not have many advanced features as compared to mock plus which is the satisfying choice for wireframing and prototyping. Invision will help you out with your prototyping an adjacent way.

InvisionInvision allows you to design with animations and transitions effects which makes your project more majestic. However, it might a take a while for newcomers to understand the features of Invision. Also, it has a team feature which allows working with a team as seen in other two tools; it also allows them to review the project and give feedback on it. You should install the software on preferred platforms among windows and mac. In recent updates, invision has focused on the creativity criteria of developers and have added freehand option to sketch and design on the whiteboard.

Pencil project

It is an open source wireframing and GUI prototyping tool which is free of cost with access to all features. Don’t think that pencil project might be a standard app. Surprisingly it has won “The best add-on award” of 2018. Pencil project has a bulk of great features to provide the best user experience. Pencil project could be an excellent option for website designers because it has some unique features to build website models. Sketching, drawing and creating visualization diagrams in now possible with this free tool.Pencil projectHowever, in this tool, you might miss some premium features such as icons, collaborations, etc. To Recover those drawbacks pencil project has some other fewer equivalents features like you can add clips arts in spite of graphic icons, can take the benefit of the interlinking feature. There are bulk of shape collections in the tool you can use to integrate them into your project. Positive reviews of this tool state that it is a good option for those who cannot invest money to buy premium tools subscriptions, but some shortcomings like low-fidelity might disappoint the users.

 Adobe XD

It’s a wireframing and also a vector designing tool. Adobe is highly suggested for professional wireframing or vector arts because it always keeps getting better and better. It will let you professionally design the prototypes. Also, it protects your stuff with a password so that what you ever you design remains up to you. Adobe is recommended as the best tool because it works for the future. Some features of adobe XD makes it worth buying like voice prototypes, auto animations and much more. Adobe provides you more options to share the project compared to other tools.

Adobe XD



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