why people dislikes videos on youtube

There are a lot of reasons behind this mystery that what makes the audience to dislike a video? A proper analysis of this case study would encounter the problem and can surely boost up your youtube content. First of all, everyone is aware that youtube is a complex network of publishing videos and it’s a truth that knowledge in any field can be gained by youtube sector. So in this article, we will inevitably encounter this riddle of dislikes on youtube. We have revealed a few secrets that probably might be the reason of getting dislikes on youtube videos;


Seems to be the weird answer but it isn’t as sounds to be. This is the most common action which can be noticed on most of the videos. For example, lets take this screenshot you can see there ” out of the woods” video of  Taylor Swift. The trembling fact is there is no sign of violence, nudity, propaganda, inappropriate thing in the video. Despite all these facts the video had got a lot of dislikes, Even there is a lot of videos which has nothing to be hated or disliked such as unity encouragement video, humanity prompting videos.

taylor swift disliked video

So that makes a sense that randomly people dislike the youtube videos! For the conclusion, it is presumed that the closeness of like and dislike button is the reason for dislikes. People act a random click on like or dislike and the less distance between both increases the hatreds too. In a simple word, if a person is there to waste his time on a youtube video and he doesn’t care for anything in the video, he will dislike the video and move away randomly.

Lack of Interest in a Small Segment of Video

Youtube is filled with a lot of content that has nothing objectionable, but even it gets dislikes. So randomness is okay, but here we catch a point of what about thousands of dislikes? Or take it millions! Yes, Actually few videos like “Baby” song of Justin Beiber has reached somewhere 9-10 million dislikes. And this video can be considered as the most dislikes youtube video ever till today. It sounds weird that Justin Beiber has billion of fans of how come he could have such large number of haters?

most disliked video on youtube

So, what we point out here is not the hatred towards the particular person but its hatred towards a small part of that video. Suppose that Justin Beiber posts a video of singing with a dog with him, and he has 99% devoted fans, even then he gets 20-30% dislikes from his real fan following. So the reason there might be a dog! Obviously because maybe that 20-30 % of fans are sick of watching of dogs or they hate the dogs. So that hatred towards dog would have created an incentive to dislike the video.

Fake Dislikes to Maintain Good and Bad PR

A large portion of youtube creators think that getting dislikes is just a common thing as getting likes, but actually, it matters a lot in youtube. You would have noticed that you are suggested to watch those youtube videos which have actually low dislikes count. Youtube’s algorithm works perfectly with every type of content and the analysis by youtube algorithm ranks up the youtube videos which have low dislikes counting.

Suppose if there are 2 youtubers A and B, they are both creating content of the same niche (Assume it’s health niche), but A is getting more dislikes then B. Also, you have to suppose that A has good content compared to B, even then he has a lot of dislikes. So here the youtube algorithm will rank B’s video in the top list, it doesn’t matter if A was much informative in the video. B will rank up then A on the basis of dislikes.

So here what happens is some peoples provide fake dislikes or they buy them from online web service providers. They buy them in order to rank down the particular youtube video they don’t want to be it first.

For almost there is no popular youtube video which has 0 dislikes. Each and every popular youtube video has at least 1 dislike on it.

Here’s the India’s Most Disliked Video(Fastest Disliked Video Too)

Oru Adaar Love


India's most disliked video


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