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Hello, guys today we will reveal some best tricks that can be used in the pubg game. As we all are aware that pubg is an addictive game for everyone and no would like to ever refuse to gain a chicken dinner! Of course, thats very much mattering for us. So coming to the topic we will bring out some cool Pubg mobile Guide  secrets that can be implanted by a player to get some cool experience and complete satisfaction while playing the game. We are going to reveal some good pubg mobile Guide secret locations and also some good tips to grab chicken dinner. So let’s start some pubg mobile Guide secret locations first:

Hiding on the side of the house 

What you need to do is you can head over to a double-floored building which has a steel shelter on the side of the balcony ( AS SHOWN IN IMAGE ). After that, you need to take steps to the first floor and just climb out of the balcony slowly, be careful that you could land on the surface that is sticking to the building. Don’t try to rush climb carefully that will make you land perfectly and slowly hover your movement gear to move towards the shelter. Now you can easily hide inside the shelter and you wait for an enemy to approach you and then you know what you gonna do with them. Also, there are a lot of small pubg mobile tricks that you can use while playing. pubg mobile guide for Hiding on the side of the house


Tips to grab chicken dinner-  If you are suspecting an enemy to be there while you are hiding inside that shelter then you can throw a smoke grenade in opposite to your direction ( not nearby ). In this condition what happens that enemy approaches towards the bomb because he expects someone to be there and you can tear his bones then without letting him know your location.

How to avoid getting smashed hed by car

Its the most irritating that we usually face because literally what happens is we collect a lot of loot and we get smashed by a car. Believe that’s the most painful thing when you are having  AWM and you getting killed by a car! So we have some simple but most amazing pubg mobile tricks that can keep you protected.pubg mobile guide for How to avoid getting smashed hed by car


So in these pubg mobile Guide secret what you have to do is whenever you suspect a car near you don’t get scared. Just you will have to look for the car from where it is coming and what you to do is just prone down on the land as you see a car approaching you. Make sure that your body remains underneath between part of the car ( between both tiers ), 100% sure you won’t die if its runs upon you 100 times. However, you need to look after the enemies that are inside the car because they make target you with their weapons but it is a car with one guy then probably you won’t get smashed on the road.
Tips to grab chicken dinner
When the zone is yet to come and you find some enemies away from you firing then hiding under a car would be a great idea if you own a sniper. It would be very difficult for them to kill you and find you.

How to throw a stun grenade without getting yourself blurred 

This pubg mobile trick is another good trick and also an effective way to win over your enemy. In this, you have to do a simple thing so that you avoid getting yourself blind. Usually what everyone does is he/she throws the stun grenade nearby and then he gets blind too. So in the case to avoid that you can optimize these amazing pubg mobile Guide secrets and tips. So just hold the grenade in your hand when its near 2 seconds left to run towards the enemy and let it explode in your hand. So with doing this what happens that the opponent gets blurred out but you won’t! If you throw the grenade then you might also get blurred out! So make sure to let it blast while you are grabbing it in your hands. pubg mobile guide secrets in

Tips to grab chicken dinner- Many peoples do a mistake while bridge camping, they stay on the land and they get killed. So don’t use that method you can climb on the bridge from the side of the bridge corner and stay on the bridge barriers so that you can easily look for enemies in all directions. Also, you can kill them without letting them know your location.pubg mobile guide secret you can keep an easy on all sides from here









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