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In this blog post, we have talked about the questions regarding data, analytics, updates, etc. that is going to assist you while speaking to clients about their Mobile app RFP (Request for Proposals). Also, these days, thriving app development companies like Mobulous Technologies do beyond just creating applications – yes, they facilitate an inclusive mobile app performance management package with services such as app store optimization, analytics, push notifications, and so on. Therefore, whenever you obtain a Request for Proposal that might more or less be worth your time, rather than throwing it, make use of it as a chance to recommend the adding of services that the client might not have even considered.

Considering the same, here, Mobulous, an eminent iOS App Development Company brings you some key questions to ask when you get your next mobile application RFP. Just keep on reading to make out them:

What Exactly Do They Like To Have From Their Data?

Certainly, in the Request for Proposal, your client might be making use of catchphrases but what sort of data services they actually want from your top iOS App Development Company. Ask if they want database connectivity and if yes, then how much? Also, remember to ask if they can use normal development APIs or you have to write the custom ones. And in case, it is above what you are able to offer, consider coming across a mBaas that you can link to your development process. There is no question in that a remarkable mBaas provider will endow you with full control over your data & offering services including capacity planning, system upgrades, maintenance windows and the like all covered in a well scalable platform.

mobile app rfp

What Does Take Place When The App Is Completed?

Is this application a never-to-be-repeated creation? Or does your client want you to get involved for updates together with maintenance? For your information, a usual RFP might take account of 3 to 6 months of updates, but you might feel like selling your client on an extended time plan. Just keep in mind that it is not just the applications that get updated, but operating systems as well. Will that most recent Android update hoses your client’s app completely? As per top-rated app developers, you should facilitate them with an additional service such as crash reporting with an intention that you are right away able to identify the causes of app crashes and get them fixed fast. In addition to this, active users, application downloads, user retention, session testing, a crash by the tool – are these statistics that your client will be concerned about, or are they even conscious that this is something you can report for them?

And, last but not least, wrap all such amazing mobile app performance management services you’re providing to your client in a custom report. In line with the experts of best app making companies, app downloads, installs, crash reports – deliver everything in an inclusive, easy to follow, and beautifully laid out PDF.


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