How to Make Money Online without Adsense

Hi guys so as most of us know that nowadays blogging isn’t an easy process at all, it needs a lot of time, investment, and professionalism too. However, everything regarding specialization matters in it, so How to Make Money Online? We have an answer for that too! So today we are sharing some awesome online money making ideas/methods from which you will be able to make a good amount of money. These money making ideas / methods are totally legit and worth knowing so don’t forget to be here till the end to get every method’s familiarity.

Before you starting money you have to make sure that in what field you have certain skills? However you can work even without skills, but a skilled person always earns more than a beginner.

Note: Even through Google Adsense is Essential for Content Sites but i am not including here.

1. Earn Money from Fiverr

Its an online platform where you can lend your services (web designing, web developing, marketing, virtual assistants, data entry ) to seekers. This platform is one of the best platform suggested by peoples to earn. On Fiverr, you can offer your skill-based service to the buyers and they ultimately buy them at a good cost. There are a lot of peoples on Fiverr who are already working to provide a better service than you could, so always go for a unique concept. The better you serve the better you will gain, so try to work on Fiverr offer your gig and be active to gain some orders.

How to make money on Fiverr?:- Now peoples might be whispering that working on this platform is OK but what should we offer them so that to receive orders as soon as possible? So there is a simple answer for that do what you love too! try to provide articles if you are a good content article, also go for creating logos ( its an easiest ), if you are good in web designing then it’s a good option too. Also, make sure that you work hard enough to achieve something good in return so also remember to work hard to rank your gig ( your featured image of the service, based on which you receive the orders ).

2. Earn from Photography 

If you are a photographer and you have a good talent for capturing some amazing moments of nature then congratulations! you can earn a good amount of income & it is one of Best money making ideas. For this, you can use a platform such as Shutter stock etc where you can sell your photos online. It’s said that  “Attractive images never fail to win the hearts of customers”, so I hope you got the actual point. You have to capture some good and interesting pictures ( in any category ) and just sell them on Shutter stock.

3. Become an Amazon affiliate 

Its little bit complicated task but also allows you to generate awesome revenue. Also,  Amazon affiliate can be the easiest task ever because what you have to do is find a buyer to buy something from Amazon. how to make money online with amazon affiliate

How to earn from Amazon affiliate?

  • go to this url of Amazon program and signup your account. You have to fill all the required information in signup page and you are done when you verify your account ( email verification ).
  • After that what you have to do is just generate your affiliate link of the product you want to sell from Amazon.
  • Now just share that affiliate link of that product to your known ones or anyone you think would make an effort to buy it. As soon as if anyone purchases that product from your link, you will be given a good commission of that product’s price.
  • Link remains active till 24-48 hours for the customers even if they don’t buy from your link after opening it but they buy it from direct amazon you will still receive a commission. Try to make a blog to sell these products ( as many people do ) it is one of best money making ideas. this will help to earn more commission because a blog receives more traffic.
  • You can also start an Amazon business, if you have some valuable products or you own a shop then you can sell your products on Amazon by creating a seller’s account on Amazon. You won’t have to take any kind of load because Amazon will itself pick up your order and sell it. You have to just provide them those goods at a good rate.

4. Earn from YouTube 

I don’t think you need much explanation on this because everyone knows that even kids are earning on Youtube today. Yes! it’s a bitter truth! so just think if they can why can’t you? it’ best money making ideas Just a thing which youtube demands from its users are unique content! If you have some good ideas on something which think might work to attract viewers then you gonna definitely rock on youtube with lots of cash.

Let me help you out with some confusions, so few of readers might be thinking about what can be the unique content? because everything you provide to youtube is already present there. So in that case always find their vulnerability, look for something that they are missing in the video. I mean to say that you can create some better videos on low competitive titles so that your videos get ranked up on youtube and you can earn through views.

5. Earn from Data Entry Jobs

There are a lot of peoples who earn a good salary just from tying sitting at home. Even you can do this, its possible for everyone if you have a laptop and an internet connection. You can find many peoples from up work, Fiverr, freelancing websites who are willing to hire some good data entry workers and you can start working with them. I would suggest you go for Fiverr and because they are a good option for that.

Are there any kind of mobile apps or shortcuts which can really allow me to make money

If you also have this question in your mind then I would tell you that there is no shortcut in life so is there any chance of money? Absolutely not if you really want to make some good revenue then you have to work hard on a particular field and focus on your goals then you might surely succeed your goals. Even though we will suggest you some good ideas to make a temporary income:-

6. Pivot app:- Its a good option to earn money if you have a mobile phone then just signup on a pivot and you will earn money in BTC (bitcoins). The incomes may be little but also you can increase your revenue by referring your friends to the platform.

7. Referral apps:- there are a lot of apps which provide referral programs and they provide you commission when you bring new users to their apps. So this is also a good option to make at least 10$ in 3-4 days.

8. Email marketing-  you can do email marketing in which you to mail (bulk mails) about your products or your blog so that you receive traffic and earn money.

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