importance of android app even in ios

Android app development has faced diverse challenges over the time than iOS. However, Android reaps different advantages than those offered in the iOS infrastructure. If you happen to have an iOS app, and are looking to build a fantastic Android app, then never replicate the iOS app in the android version.

In this article, we are going to unfold why you need to build a completely new app for your business. Read along to discover everything:

Why Does Your Business Need an Android App?

Interestingly, even the minute difference in the UI requires a lot of time. The difference in programming language means you cannot just copy and paste code in two apps built on different platforms. It doesn’t mean that this method isn’t practical, but this is often impossible. It’s essential to discover the different in diverse markets. The apps that succeed in the AppStore aren’t analogous to those that will be found at top in the Google’s PlayStore.

From the day the AppStore had released back in the 2008, both the iOS and Android have been in a head-to-head competition. Apple phones emerge at an increasing level. Until now, almost every model of Apple besides iPhone X, comprised of similar features apart from little tweaks in performance. iOS apps hold the convenience of their platform that is scalable, meaning an app designed for iPhone 7 would run seamlessly on iPhone 8 and 6 as well. Apple now focuses on sleek designs.

Smartphones have now become mainstream – almost everyone has at least one. But, the long ran battle between the Android and iPhone continues. Android applications are developed to run properly on a broad range of models. This never-ending race has led to dozens of fresh designs that offer both effective interaction and navigation. Modern Android mobiles come equipped with touch screens; however leading Android apps still prefer efficiency over aesthetics.

The industry experts have great android app ideas, which deliver results that users had only imagined.

The Product Market Fit

If app development had been so easy, each one of us had been Evan Spiegel. But, there no perfect time to “start” building your first android application. The best way through which you can move ahead is by paying attention to what users think and need.

You can do this by assessing the product-market fit. If you have discovered the audience to market your iOS app, then you are likely to discover the Android counterpart. This fit needs various rounds of testing and data gathering. Do these until you achieve a massive users’ base that loves your solution and services, and uses them. They will stay with you, spread a word about your product or service, and invite others to join you. You will eventually achieve a gradually populating subscribers’ base that’s pleased by you. There will come a point at which users will ask, “Do you offer an Android app?”, this will be the time you reanimate the iOS application.

Android App Development Offers Extended Growth

You can walk around the entire New York City and witness people holding iPhones at many places such as pizza shop or subways. But, don’t let this situation mislead you. Though, Apple Inc. may be the industry leader with regards to the AppStore revenues, but Android phones have achieved a peak market share of about 88 percent worldwide last year, staying consistent around 70 to 80 percent range.

In Europe and Asia, users tend to speak in diverse languages, and Android caters to their needs effectively. In the United States, Android devices have become the affordable choice. The Galaxy and Pixel series has conquered the market. However, there are several budget friendly options available when it comes to smartphones with similar features and apps.

Another big advantage of using an Android phone is the Google integration. Let it be the Google Maps or Drive, the Google services data is easily available on the smartphone. On another hand, the Google apps are different as they are not native. Interestingly, an Android app can increase the users’ base on an international level.


Apple is widely known for refined and innovative features. However, leading edge hardware specs require a little time to arrive in the Apple’s devices. Android introduced impressive features such as multi-tasking, NFC integration, predictive type, and much more. If you know about more reasons why your business need an Android application, then feel free to mention.

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