Best methods to find your lost mobile

Have you too lost your android phone? Don’t panic you still have some chances to find it back. Yes! with these 3 effective methods, you can find back your stolen or lost android phone in just 2 minutes! Always remember to keep a password on your mobile phone’s data won’t be misused in case of theft. So let’s come to the methods by which you may get your phone back:-

Using Your Google Account

Guys, it’s the best simple and easiest method to find back your stolen/lost mobile phone. When you buy an android phone you know that it is necessary to add a google account in it but many people forget to turn on the FIND MY PHONE/DEVICE feature in that google account.  If it was turned on and after that, unfortunately, you lost your phone then it is possible to get your phone back.

So here is the method to find your stolen/lost android phone;

  • Go to on other device or PC then in search field enter FIND MY DEVICE and hit on the search. After you enter that you will see a small logo of your phone and your model number as shown in below image. (make sure you log in from same account which you were logged in the lost phone )find my lost phone android
  • You will be then asked for ALLOWING location services, hit enter and you will see your device’s current location (internet must be connected to the lost phone ). You can also make a ring on your phone by the option in left and data can be formatted too in case you have the high privacy of your data.
    find my lost android phone

    Using IMEI number

    This is another great method to find back your lost device. You must have the IMEI number of the phone if you want to track that otherwise, it is not possible to track that device. IMEI can be found in SETTING>ABOUT>IMEI option and if you don’t remember the lost phone’s IMEI number then you can look for your bill or box of that device, you will also get your IMEI number there. IMEI can be also found by giving a command in dial pad of the mobile device, By entering *#06# you IMEI will appear by itself on the screen.
    how to find my lost phone android

  • Go to google play store and install an application which seems to be an IMEI tracker ( you can use websites too such as
  • Enter the IMEI and that’s it, you will find the location of your device.

    Using Samsung Account

    This is another good way to find your stolen phone in just few seconds. If you had a Samsung account in your Samsung then most probably you could get your life back. There is a feature called SAMSUNG FIND MY PHONE, by which you can easily find/format/unlock your Samsung device.
    how to find my lost phone androidMETHOD- Go to to sign into your Samsung account, after you sign in you can find your phone’s current location if there is data connection turned on that device.

    Precautions you must take care before you lose your precious mobile phone 

    Always keep A Password- You must keep a password on a mobile phone because uncertainties can happen at any time, so make sure you keep a password on your device and so your data remains protected from strangers.

    Keep it connected with google FIND MY DEVICE- Never forget to use this life savior feature, those 2 minutes wasted to set up a find my device account can save your 1000$ by getting back your lost phone. So don’t be a noob while using a smartphone, remember to set it up before any uncertainty takes place.

    Make sure you don’t turn off data while you go out-  Whenever you are thinking to go out with friends or alone don’t turn off your data. Because you can only trace your mobile phone by these all methods even if your phone is connected to internet.


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