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Hello, guys, everyone wants to earn money today and probably its a hardest task in the world but it can easier too. Today we will share informative and helpful methods with you so that you can Create Free Website .yes! absolutely free of cost and earn money.

You first need a hosting and a domain for that. Hosting refers to a storage on which your data works and domain means it verifies your property in simple it makes you own a name on the web. Good domains are always costly such as .com etc but don’t worry we will provide you method to buy a domain free of cost.

Step 1: Create Free Domain

So first you need to buy a free website domain and a free website hosting. So lets for it guys let me tell you that blogger is the best option for getting your website hosted also its the fastest loading hoster. So we will create a Free website on blogger. You can also use advanced methods such as WordPress etc but that would be complicated for beginners so first try to go with blogger if you don’t know how to create a website/create  Free website?

Go to Blogger and first create a blogger profile after that you will see a page as shown in image no.1. So after that, you need to go to its a website which provides you with free domains. You can easily get your domain ( if available must be unique ) from this website, then purchase it.

How to Get A free Domains for my Website in FREENOM.COM

Step 2: Create a Free Hosting

Now you have to create a blog to connect the domain to your blogger to make your website active. Go to the left option on your blogger page you will see a create a new blog option to create a new blog. You can write your blog’s name and in url of your blog fill anything because we don’t need extension we will add our own domain.

In freenom after you have purchased your free domain go to the services area and head over to my domains. You will find your domain there now you have to click on manage it. After that click on manage DNS.How to Get A free domain for my Website

Step 3: Add Your Domain in Blog Address

Now you have to open the blogger’s setting area on another window of your browser and keep it open. Now you can see a setup third-party domain click on it and you will be able to set up your own domain with the blogger.How to set up own domain with the blogger

In that, you have to enter your blog’s url and hit save. Don’t worry as it will give your error because it is a part of our process. After you do that you will have to open VIEW SETTING

Step 4: Manage DNS Settings

Keep everything opened and go to freenom again where you clicked on manage DNS. Now what you have do is fill all this information ( FROM VIEW SETTINGS INSTRUCTIONS PAGE ) in Freenom In A records ( leave name field as it is )Where its Shows the Settings Instructions Page in

  • 239.32.21
  • 239.34.21
  • 239.36.21
  • 239.38.21

Step 5: Add CNAME Records

Add CNAME records from your blogger setting page ( See error image ). After adding all records just click on save all

Step 6: Save the Changes in Blogger

Now you have to go back to blogger where you left it and hit save button if it fails don’t worry freenom usually takes 30 minutes so check it back later. Your website with these is ready now in case to earn money you have to connect your website to Google Adsense & other Online Money Making Platforms and keep posting your articles ( must be unique )  and share them on social networks to gain traffic. After your site is at good standing you can earn a lot of money.Howto Connect my Website to Google Adsense







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