Guys, so today we have got you the best five tools to take your Mindmap to the next level. These tools will help a lot to those who are seeking to develop a brainstorming project. Tools like real-time board etc. provide you the best mind mapping experience while designing your idea almost at no cost. However, these tools might be little cost to you but believe no other tools would be capable of providing the features of these best Mind mapping Softwares. Designing a mindmap with the budget to take the lead in the market is a pretty hard job. To convey the information mindmaps are the best option because there is more than half of the market audience that gets directed by visual aids.

Also, rather than notable projects and other audible projects mindmaps are considered as the best for business growth. These words are not mine; many of surveys have officially determined that the productions which are executed by mindmaps have more output than other ones. So here we start with our delegate tools;


It seems very difficult to find an endless board for working on it, and the realtime board provides you a more massive whiteboard to design your idea seamlessly. Realtimeboard has pleased its customers with its multi unique features such as large structure, the intensified toolkit to edit board, perfect collaboration, etc. They have been providing their service since 8-9 years and have served a lot of customers with happiness.

The best about this tool I like is the big companies that trust its service, those companies are not general, but a million dollars companies like up work, Netflix, GoDaddy, Autodesk, etc. Visualization makes it even easier to collaborate and work with the team at a time virtually. It supports numerous formats in the tool. Also, it supports different languages to smoothen the work. Freelancers take the optimum benefit of this free tool because its hard to get those charts, spreadsheets, media, collaboration, features at one place. You won’t face any kinds of risk on this tool because your diagrams remain only with you without any privacy break.

2. Coggle

Another free and collaborative project designing web app which lets you access a bulk of features free of cost. Working on your project is now more comfortable with collaboration with your teammates. Also, you can express your complicated algorithms with a feature called flowcharts.

Coggle is a web-based service which is free of cost and can be used directly on the website. Even there are features available such as looping, branching, brainstorming, etc. If you are looking to work on it for occasional use, then it would cost you nothing, but it would cost you 5-8$ per month for business or organization use.  However, the price is too less compared to other services.

3. Xmind

This great tool is specially created to bring out your brain’s creativity into nature. It allows their users to induce a bulk of charts in it and also it provides an exclusive and beneficial option to export the data in Microsoft Office formats. However, these kinds of premium features would demand your premium subscription. One of the vital function of Xmind lets you bring out your ideas in a better visual way by providing icons option. You will see their thousands of icons in different categories to be chosen according to the expressions required.

You can access your mind maps on laptops and other IOS devices, but it won’t let you access if you are an android user. There are a lot of unusual structures in it which will make your mind map unique and impressive one. The graphic can be induced into structures to make the mind map an amazing one. Its brainstorming and other equivalent features can smoothly manage the project. With those tons of highlights, this app can be expensive to you because licensed based system which you need to buy from Xmind. However, you can still use it as a free option with some limitations to premium options.

4. Mapul

It’s a great online web app which lets you design your idea interestingly and uniquely. This mindmap designing service is all over impressive but its based on subscription system. Now you can generate your mindmaps very quickly and in an efficient way with just 2-3$ per month. Although, its a paid app but its a less conservative app as compared to others. Mapul provides you one of the fastest brainstorming features among all other services. I would highly recommend you that never directly pay your money, not even penny! Maybe that you are getting all those paid features in a free tool.

5. Freemind

Freemind is a little bit different from other services, and it can be accessed by installation on OS such as windows, etc. It’s not a web-based app such as mapul etc. You need to install this software on your device is very easy because FreeMind is a java based software so you won’t suffer while installing it. You collaborate in your project with other friends etc by using the same tool through their device. This useful software has an excellent rating over 4.3/5 and is an open source product so you don’t need to pay any amount for purchasing it.

This tool comes up with a lot of features and its said that Freemind is way better than paid tools. The main reason behind this may be it’s exporting features. The thing which I like the most about this tool is; you will quickly find those essential functions necessary for mind mapping in this software.


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