Chrome extensions for Digital Marketers

Usually, a digital marketer only needs a browser like chrome with his work. Digital marketers like freelancers, content marketers, web designers take a maximum of their browser only and in such cases, they do need some helpful tools. There are a lot of tools which helps digital marketers to ease their work in every field. These chrome extensions are must-have tools for digital marketers because they help a lot. For instance extensions such as Grammarly etc. saves you leaving a scrap in your content which might be full of grammar mistakes. So without wasting our time, we head over to the extensions list;

Email Hunter

How about getting the contact details automatically of the website you are browsing? Isn’t it satisfying? Of course, you can get the contact details of a particular site directly to your extension. Just install this fantastic extension in your chrome browser and browse your favorite sites, and it will automatically show you their contact details. Also, it lets you know about the name of the website’s owner.

Useful extensions for Digital marketers

It does what it says! It hunts the emails of sites. It saves a lot of time of marketers who waste their time finding the emails to contact the site owner. However, you can only make 150 attempts per month with the free version. To exceed this limit, you need to purchase the premium package of 39$ per month which allows you to hunt up to 1000 emails per month.


If you are a digital marketer who mostly deals with SEO for websites, then this tool is beneficial for you. Mozbar is an extension by which you check the DA PA and referring domains of the sites in search results. Now you can quickly estimate the difficulty of that particular keyword on which you are about to work. It displays the strength of the domains by itself when you search for any results in the chrome.

Extensions for Digital Marketers

Moz is a premium tool, but this extension will work for free with Moz community account.


We all know that hashtags work as a life savior for social media influencers and marketers. Hashtags help the post to reach more audience but finding a good one is still a challenge. So this chrome extension will suggest you a right hashtag according to your niche. Although, it’s a powerful extension it only works with Twitter so it could be a limitation for marketers.

Extensions for Digital marketers

Ritetag works on the first four pointers by which you can choose the desired hashtag. For instance, if the hashtag seems to be a red color, then it could be less impactive. And gray would be more disappointing for your posts to reach more people (low searches). If the indicator is blue then it would be appropriate for your post and the green one shows the sign of perfection for your post, It means the hashtag with green indicator will reach more audience then the other ones.


A highly suggested extension for website editors or freelancers who deals with content. No matter how expert you are while writing the content, something will go wrong with the grammar of article. Also, a digital marketer who deals with content forgets to add something necessary such as punctuation, comma, transition, etc. To catch up those mistakes, Grammarly is the best option. It keeps an eye on the article while you are writing and highlights the errors within no time.

digital marketers extensions

Grammarly not only highlights the grammar mistake but also it suggests you the word to fix the blunder. Also, it displays the sentence fragmentation errors and other synonyms of the words.


DrumUp is an excellent tool meant for social media purposes, it automatically understands your taste and displays the content related to your preference. If you find something useful while browsing, then you can share that content to your social media followers by this extension. Also, it allows you to schedule the post for posting up later to the social media.

digital marketers extensions


Are you also one of them who always has something important in his phone and seeks to mail it to PC. So now you won’t need the help of emails anymore because pushbullet extension helps you to share the files (images, audio, documents, etc.) wirelessly. You can also share the data from your computer to the friends or siblings within just seconds. I recommend this tool for the guys who need their phone and pc both at a time while working with stuff.

extensions for Digital marketers


Remembering the passwords of all logins is one of the hardest tasks on the universe for digital marketers according to me. How about asking your browser to remember all the passwords for a lifetime in a secured way. LastPass does that all, it saves the passwords of your logins to sites, emails, forums, etc. Also, you can access those passwords with your mobile device.

extensions for Digital Marketers

Let’s say that remembering password is not a big deal we can keep the same password on everywhere but what about a username? How would you deal with it because the same username could not be available everywhere? So in such cases, LastPass works at it best with storing the passwords, email, and usernames too.

Sidekick By HubSpot

Extensions for Digital Marketers

Sidekick extension is truly meant for those people who into email marketing. It allows you to check how many peoples have opened your mail and also it lets you schedule the desired mail for later to be sent. It works with multiple mails such as Gmail, Yahoo mail and much more. Sidekick will uncover your sales volume with its effective features.

Link Clump

Extensions for Digital Marketers

Are you tired of clicking each link to open it in a new tab from search results, This tool helps you to save up your precious time hitting on each link? Just drag the cursor from above to bottom and open all the links displaying in search results with just one click. If you consider that some links are not useful then you also skip to choose them with the features. This tool is totally worth using for those who work with analyzing contents and keywords.

Save to pocket

Extensions for Digital Marketers

This tool is for those researchers who find a lot of web pages to be considered as useful, it saves them as a bookmark. And the best part of using it is you can access those bookmarks from anywhere such as mobile, pc, tablets. It automatically syncs the bookmarks from your chrome browser and allows you to view them from another device. You can also use certain keyboard shortcuts to bookmark a page which saves up the time.


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