It’s too hard for students to study nowadays and it’s pretty that knowledge doesn’t come from books only. So, guys, we have found some apps for you which might help very well in tough studious conditions such as maintaining your presentations, studying without books, a free tutor at your tips etc. Don’t try to miss it out these study Best apps for students are going to be very helpful for you.

CourseraBest Study Apps for Students the Coursera

its a great app for college students because it keeps you connected with millions of learners and teachers at a place. You will come across various things in this app. Certain informative lectures and courses are available here with video option.

IFTTTStudy Apps for Students to Downloads IFTTT

This is another great app which comes under a list of Android apps for students to be used. This will help you to do your task by itself means in simple language if you take to snap it will automatically share on your facebook or social media accounts. In this way, you link two option if this then that!

EvernoteStudy Apps for Students create a to-do list for upcoming hours

The biggest problem students face is their shortage of memory power. They usually forget to do their tasks or remember something so, in that case, this app help to remember by taking notes and create a to-do list for upcoming hours. Isn’t it useful? Of course, it is a very useful & Beat app for students.

WolframAlphastudy apps for deviations of hard questions and sums.

Apps like WolframAlpha are known as very useful apps for college students because it helps you to find some deviations of hard questions and sums. Also, you could find some useful data by social statistics etc from this app.

 Sunrisecreate memorable notes on the particular & stick it to my homepage of the phone

This amazing app helps you to create a home screen widget of the calendar. Don’t take it easy because it isn’t like the other goose calendar apps. You can create memorable notes on the particular and stick it to your homepage of the phone so that it would let you remember to follow up certain plants you have decided. Although its a calendar app it supports social media linking option for better user experience.

SlideSharebest study apps for Students SlideShare

Are you fed up of carrying out your presentations at every time you go outside? so don’t worry useful apps like SlideShare are the study & best apps for students and also apps for college students. Slideshare helps you to carry your presentations with you with sliding feature. It means you can keep viewing your presentation slides whenever you need to!

CALCU CALCU is the Beat study apps for Students

When it comes to calculating we need a good interface of app and android have still not succeeded for providing it. So you can download these kinds of user-friendly android & Best apps for students such as calcu. This app will keep a track of your calculating and it won’t erase them unless you want it to.

TaskerBeat Study APP for Students Tasker

It is one of the best apps for college students because it will help you to set up your own action that you want on your phone, for example, how would you like your phone to behave while your enter the college? you can keep up some automated settings to take action in certain situations. Probably its used by a lot of peoples so don’t forget to give it a try.

StudiousStudious is the Best Study APP for Students

Studious a kind of study apps for students which lets you never miss out your assignments submissions. It will automatically remind you of submitting your assignments on respective dates.

MintStudy Apps for Students Mint

It very hard task to keep track of your transactions and expenses being as an ordinary student. So this is one of the most useful android & Best apps for students. You can record your expenses easily in this app.


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